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Why you should do Clinical Pilates...

Posted on 11 June, 2016 at 8:05

Pilates is an exercise form that focuses on posture, balance, control, core stability, strength, flexibility and breathing. This style of exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany in the early 20th century and has many benefits for a wide range of people including athletes, the elderly, during pregnancy and post-partum, and those wanting a great total body workout.

The benefits:

• Regular exercise has been shown to significantly improve a sense of wellbeing and fight depression in participants.

• Clinical pilates trains your body to move correctly which minimises the stress and strain felt by your body and maximises the efficiency at which it works to give you greater strength, speed and flexibility. If you think of your muscles like tent poles holding up a tent; all muscles must be of equal strength and taking equal pressure for it to function correctly. If one area becomes shorter or weaker (one area of your body becomes destabilised or injured), then the whole tent is liable to collapse.

• Pilates leads to improved posture and core stability which is crucial for optimal physical health and pain-free living.

• It is a great form of exercise for anyone over 50 (especially women) as it encompasses the attributes that prevent falls and fractures: improved balance, coordination and bone strength.

• During pregnancy in particular, pilates can:

o Reduce the likelihood of low back and pelvic pain by countering the laxity in your joints (caused by the release of the hormone relaxin) with increased core and pelvic floor strength.

o Increase awareness of your posture as your body changes to accommodate the growing baby (decreases pain that often occurs in back, neck and pelvis)

o Strengthen your pelvic floor which will support your bladder and bowel and decrease the risk of incontinence during and after your pregnany.

o Encourage good breathing control which is great for you and your baby and can be helpful during labour.

o Assist in maintaining a healthy weight through regular gentle exercise which in turn will decrease your risk of gestational diabetes.

o Help you relax and slow down from the stresses of every day life.

o Decrease side effects such as fluid retention, leg cramps and varicose veins.

o Speed up post-partum recovery.


At Two Bears Physiotherapy we conduct private or group clinical pilates which is made specific to you. Our classes are kept very small to allow maximum individual guidance, monitor progress and ensure you achieve the results you desire. Before joining a class we arrange a time for you to attend an initial session where we can identify your strengths and weaknesses, teach you the fundamental principles and ensure your pelvic floor and core muscles are correctly activating. We have classes to suit you whether you are fit and active, moving a little more slowly, pregnant or have a baby in tow.

So really, why would you not want to participate in a fun exercise class that will make you feel fitter, leaner and stronger; challenge you and relax you at the same time; and help you stay injury and pain-free??

Book an assessment and come along and see what pilates can do for you.


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